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Free engraving on all rings where possible.

Yellow Gold
Gold is a yellow metallic element, but in its pure form it is too soft to be used for general jewellery purposes.  Therefore, most gold jewellery needs to be alloyed with other metals to provide the best combination of strength, appearance, and resistance to tarnishing.

24 Carat Pure, rich, 100% gold. 

22 Carat High quality with a wonderful colour, 22 carat contains 91.7% gold. Alloyed with silver and copper.

18 Carat 75.0% gold, alloyed with silver and copper.

14 Carat Containing 58.3% gold, 14 carat is an improvement on 9 carat, however it can still tarnish and become brittle. Alloyed with silver, copper and zinc.

9 Carat Containing 37.5% gold, 9 carat consists of more base metal than gold. Like copper it tarnishes and may turn green or black, having the same effect on your skin or clothes. 9 carat is alloyed with silver, copper and zinc.

White Gold

White Gold Alloys with Palladium
Palladium is ideal as a constituent of "white gold" alloys, a rare silver white transition metal and close relative of platinum.


Platinum is a wonderful and popular choice of metal for wedding rings.  If you prefer white coloured rings, then platinum is the perfect choice for you.
Platinum is naturally "white" (silvery grey), and is extremely strong and hard-wearing.  In addition, it never discolours or tarnishes and with a low "spring-back" rate makes it ideal for stone settings.
Platinum wedding rings are made from a solid piece of 950 platinum, without any joins.  They are stamped out of a solid sheet of metal and hammered into a "blank" wedding ring shape.
Several processes then follow, the rings are polished, diamond cut, hammered, hand engraved, or sandblasted, creating unique and stunning designs.


Thanks to sophisticated new alloying methods we are pleased to offer palladium as a new stand-alone metal for all our rings.
This rare transition metal is a close relative of platinum and naturally white in colour.  It does not need to be Rhodium plated and there are no difficulties with sizing or diamond setting, making it an increasingly popular choice.

Available in: all sizes on request
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